Life in God’s hands 

Life in God’s hands is a day filled with joy and happiness and the love for one another.  A beautiful day, even if it’s raining or a moment that is shared with someone close. 

As with every move a wave makes in the ocean, God’s love for us, moves in us stronger with every passing tide.  

He gives us so much love,  that at times we are just filled with so much  happiness,  we become overwhelmed.  And then at times the waves become to strong, and we find ourselves asking God why he has allowed us to feel pain again.  

I must continue to trust in God to guide me through every obstacle I go through.  He knows best, even if my heart breaks along the way.  Only God can send the right person in your life, one that will love you, stand beside you through everything and anything,  and have the courage to hold your heart the way God holds you close in his heart.  

The Love Of God

As we go through each day feeling the Love of God in our hearts, we find ourselves feeling calm, stronger than the day before.  Through every storm there is a brighter day to come. Our hearts become filled with joy, happiness and peace.  We can began to heal,  and open our hearts to others.  Today was one of those days that I myself was filled with these feelings.  I’ve been happy and relaxed,  and i know deep in my heart that God has given me this wonderful day. Doing something special for someone that I love,  and just being able to share the day with him, was amazing and yes very special.  Thank you God, for a beautifully, wonderful day…. 🌞

God’s greatest gift, Love.

I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of joy in my heart.
Last night i prayed hard for someone to be watched over, and for God to fill his heart with love and happiness as he has done for me.
This morning, i could feel that God was listening and i just knew that everything i prayed for was being taken care of from God.
I have put everything in God’s hands and i will put my trust in him, that all my needs will be given in time, and all my prayers will be answered as he sees they should be. For i know God loves me and his gifts are amazing. He will continue to love me, and he will continue to listen to all my prayers. He will protect me and the one’s that i love and hold close to my heart.
With God’s love, all of us will be given the most beautiful gift, the gift of Love.
God bless each and every one, and i pray for those that struggle with life’s issues, whether it be from heartbreak or from a long hard journey they have had to go through, i pray that everyone will have God beside them and feel his amazing love that he continues to give us everyday.

Amen and God Bless .

My Sunday Prayer

I don’t normally post my prayers,  but this one i had a feeling that it would be good to share it with others.  

Thank you God for everything that you have done for me.  For the times I’ve been in pain, fear, heartache,  alone, you dear God, you have been beside me. You have given me many things;  strength, guidance, and most of all, you have given me Love.  You have forgiven me for my sins, my mistakes and you have still loved me, When i couldn’t even love myself.  You have brought happiness back in my heart, and you have sent someone in my life, when all i felt was alone. You have continued to show me good things, and you have kept me safe.  Thank you for loving me God.  Thank you for everything you have done for me.  

Help I’ve Fallen In Quicksand!

Something to Stu Over

Had someone bring this up tonight….quicksand..and it made me start thinking. God does that a lot with me here lately but anyway…

Quicksand is something a lot of us have seen in the movies but hardly anyone you know of has actually fallen into any. But I have seen videos of people getting out of a quicksand pit. And it is actually a lot like what the Bible says about being still.

All quicksand is, is loose dirt with a bunch of water under it. You step or fall into it quite by accident because you can not tell any difference in a quicksand pit and the rest of the terrain you are walking on.

But the moment you are in it you know because you start sinking and the more you struggle against it; the more and faster you sink.


But there is a way out!

I’ve seen it…

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Thank the Lord 

  1. Give thanks to the Lord each day , for tomorrow is never promised,  
  2. Thank the Lord for keeping you safe
  3. Thank the Lord for giving you the chance to forgive others that has hurt you 
  4. Thank the Lord for giving you the courage to love again,  when you feel that that kind of emotional  feeling would never return after losing  someone,  
  5. Thank the Lord for everything you have in your  life.         ‘Amen to all of you. ,

The Joy of the Lord

Amen. This was an awesome read. Thank you .

Grace Waves

“Jesus may have said man shall not live by bread alone, but He said nothing about moms living by caffeine alone,” I joked to my husband while sucking down my second cup of coffee after a hectic morning. Icy roads, school delays, and blow-out diapers had not set us off on the right foot. I was frustrated because I was going to be late to work (again), but in the midst of the craziness, I felt a gentle prompting in my spirit to meditate on Nehemiah 8:10:

For the joy of the Lord is your strength.

In this verse, Nehemiah was telling all of the people who had been standing for hours, listening to him read the law, to go home and refresh themselves, eat their best food, and send food to those who did not have any. But, most importantly, he was reminding them to rejoice! Why? Because mourning…

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